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Top 7 Questions Our US Clients Ask About Canada.

We have updated our popular Q&A, consolidating the most commonly asked questions from new and prospective clients and partners throughout last year. With every answer there is undoubtedly more complexity and context behind your brand and beyond what we have included here. So give us a call, we want to help answer your questions too!

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Launching Your Food or Beverage Product Into Canada

With more than 20,000 new food and beverage products launching each year in Canada, there is definitely a need for information and education on how to launch successfully. As an agency that specializes in helping brands launch, Harbinger has the privilege of helping many optimize their debut in Canada.

Though many of the questions or needs a brand may have are as unique as the product or brand itself, we are asked many similar questions, particularly from our friends across the border, who want advice on coming to Canada. We thought it would be helpful to bring a panel of experts together and host a webinar, “Launching your food or beverage product into Canada” to shed light on a number of key areas for consideration

View an archive of the webinar by clicking below:

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Find out what else clients are saying about us:

Dove – A Masterbrand with purpose and a platform to launch category leaders

To differentiate Dove, make it relevant in the cluttered beauty category and launch a host of products year over year, Harbinger, in partnership with a team of partners, worked to uncover and launch the brand’s purpose. For the past 15+ years, we have launched new initiatives and new products all under the key tenants of the brand to make girls and women feel good about themselves and keep consumers coming back to the brand again and again. Since the inception of the campaign and the brand’s entry into several personal care categories for women AND for men, we have seen a significant positive shift in brand perception and massive sales.

Evolving an established brand

Taste USA works with over 40 U.S. Cooperators to bring Canadians an amazing selection of fresh, high-quality U.S. food and beverage products – everything from table grapes to craft beer to barbecue sauce. To appeal to Canadian consumers as the next best choice to local products, Taste USA was in need of a brand overhaul. Harbinger worked closely with their team to update the brand name, tagline and identity, all while validating the changes through focus groups and online surveys. Results are proving successful as Taste USA continues to connect with local consumers and grow north of the border.

Canadian launch of plant-based egg product exceeds “eggspectations”

Eat Just Inc. introduced JUST Egg into the Canadian market and Harbinger was challenged with creating awareness and driving trial of this delicious, folded, plant-based egg product that cooks in your toaster and creates amazing breakfast sandwiches. Harbinger implemented a national media relations program and a three-tiered influencer relations strategy (macro, micro and nano influencers) that spread the word to both English and French consumers across the country through a variety of social platforms including TikTok. In just two short months, the campaign garnered millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of engagements which helped to create loyal customers and solidify relationships with Canadian grocery retailers.

Canadian Packaging Launch

Milkadamia, a US-based non-dairy beverage, needed Canadian packaging for the launch of this product in Canada.

In addition to creating impactful, bilingual English/French artwork for Canadian Milkadamia products, Harbinger provided recommendations for French taglines and translation, to resonate with French Canadians. To meet Canadian labeling regulations, Harbinger gathered input from a Canadian registered dietitian, who is a Nutrition Facts Panel expert and ensured the new packaging met our client’s Canadian customers’ needs.

Convincing Canadians to Cheat on Meat

As a large plant-based masterbrand, Gardein has a strong variety of offerings for those looking to adopt more of a flexitarian diet. The brand needed a campaign that stood apart. Harbinger, along with the interagency team, developed a program that encouraged consumers to “Cheat on Meat” – incorporating plant based eating into at least one meal a week. We created and cheeky campaign that that included a cheat on meat micro-site and quiz; partnerships with relationship experts and influencers to encourage you to “cheat” and a full earned media campaign allowing it to all break out from the regular food story-lines. The campaign beat all KPI’s with massive engagement and millions of impressions, including earned reaction from top Canadian celebrities. It also drove trial with thousands of quiz completions and coupon downloads. Gardein continues to be a dominant force in the plant-based category – shifting the mindset of consumers across Canada.

A New Format for Dole

Harbinger launched a new format in Canada through an integrated marketing approach. Media partnerships, experiential, influencer and media relations generated results that surpassed the client’s targets on all levels.

Driving Healthy Sales of California Prunes

Harbinger launched a Canadian public relations campaign on behalf of the California Prune Board to promote the versatility and health benefits of prunes. With no advertising support and by leveraging dietitians, targeted influencers and traditional media as credible third-party spokespeople, we increased the volume of California prunes being shipped into Canada by 5 per cent and increased sales by 8 per cent, in the launch year.

A Simple Strategy

A long-time favourite skin care brand of the UK, Harbinger drove awareness and trial for the brand’s debut into Canada. Key to a successful strategy, was understanding the balance between leveraging the brand heritage and love across the pond with beauty trends and needs of Canadian women today.

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