Sofia Costa

Our Team

Sofia Costa

The Personal Trainer
[A.K.A VP, Client Service]

Exercises equal parts observation, adaptation and motivation to help others overcome obstacles and reach their peak level of potential and performance.

With more than 12 years of award-winning marketing and communications experience, Sofia partners with her clients to develop business strategies and programs that deliver superior results. From new product launches to market development, Sofia’s expertise spans consumer packaged goods, retail fashion, financial services and health care. Never afraid to challenge the status quo, Sofia is trusted by her clients to lead unwavering brand stewardship.

When Sofia isn’t hard at work she is likely to be found running – for pleasure, after her little boys or simply not to waste a single moment in life.

About our Monikers:

Every team member completes an invigorating exercise that pinpoints the one characteristic deep inside that powers their ability to do some things better than others. Each individual receives a personalized moniker that clearly communicates their unique talent.

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