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Marilyn Short

The Arrow
[A.K.A Founder]

As The Arrow, Marilyn pierces through extraneous information to get to the heart of the matter.

With more than three decades of experience in marketing and communications consulting, Marilyn has a vast experience advising dozens of clients across all major sectors. She is an expert strategist who enables brands to accurately target and engage their audience in meaningful ways, driving differentiation, preference and sales.

Marilyn is an information junkie obsessed with the pursuit of knowledge who is interested in what’s new and what’s next. Her life goal is to balance an overdeveloped life of the mind with simple physical pursuits, including going to the beach, walking her two Portuguese water dogs, playing tennis and baking brownies.

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Every team member completes an invigorating exercise that pinpoints the one characteristic deep inside that powers their ability to do some things better than others. Each individual receives a personalized moniker that clearly communicates their unique talent.

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