Chris Gould

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Chris Gould

The Sparkplug
[A.K.A SVP, Program Implementation]

As The Sparkplug, Chris electrifies and motivates staff with her positive energy and a “never-say-quit attitude”.

Chris’ expertise in the development of strategic plans and budgets as well as her attention to detail in overseeing the execution of client plans has given our clients something to cheer about.

Providing strategic counsel on a wide variety of food, beverage and consumer goods accounts, Chris has helped clients further understand their brand’s purpose and she has assisted them in achieving long term success.

Chris is a seasoned writer and has established extensive food industry trade, media, influencer and association contacts and relationships that are essential for driving brand success at launch and for building long-term consumer loyalty. Motivating our staff and ensuring our client’s plans are implemented efficiently with their key objectives in mind, is an ongoing process that Chris is completely committed to.

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