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We love ice cream, frozen desserts and everything in-between.

And, we’re quite fabulous at launching frozen dessert brands and innovation. But don’t take our word for it, check out our decades long history of leading best-in-class (and award winning!) tier one brands and start-ups in Canada.

If we can get an ice cream brand to #1 across Canada in frigid February, imagine what we can do for you!


HaloTop Pint


Launch Halo Top in Canada and establish a community of loyalists to fuel brand growth organically and authentically. Sustain and grow momentum year-over-year.


We launched Halo Top in the middle of winter with a mandate to capture interest, drive trial and disrupt the category by demonstrating that a better-for-you brand didn’t mean compromising on taste or enjoyment.

  • To break-thru in a cluttered category we initiated a mix of always-on earned media relations, earned influencer and brand-fan engagement through national events and unique activations.
  • Our digital and social strategy leveraged completely custom Canadian content, insights and community management led by our in-house design and social teams.


Without any investment in above-the-line media or paid endorsement, we garnered over 130 million earned impressions in launch year alone, and helped the brand claim a leadership position in the category.

Keeping momentum we reimagined creative and curated experiences to introduce brand innovation in Canada, generating millions of additional earned impressions, increase in social following and fan engagement year over year, ultimately driving brand growth and sustaining loyalty 365 days a year.


Increase sales of Ben & Jerry’s in Canada, where the brand was already established and recognized.


A truly Canadian story – we helped launch (and actually named) a uniquely Canadian pint, to rally a nation to try and buy more Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

  • Harbinger identified and forged Ben & Jerry’s first-ever Canadian partnership with the icon band – the Barenaked Ladies, and conceived the unforgettable product name – “If I had a Million Flavours” for a launch like no-other.
  • To support the launch we initiated a massive media relations campaign and a press conference held at the CN Tower – and created the Canadian website and social pages to give Canadians their own platform to engage and participate with the brand.


The launch of If I Had 1,000,000 Flavours was a great success, with coverage in more than 70 online outlets, 40 broadcast outlets and 30 print outlets, including every major national newspaper – a delicious mix of Canadian media. Our 1,000,000 flavours generated 31,000,000 impressions, without any additional marketing support and became the #2 SKU in the Ben & Jerry’s portfolio.

Following the success of the launch and growth for the brand, we continued the momentum with the launch of four unique Canadian flavours: Caramel Hat Trick, We are Waffling, Chocolate Macadamia and Milk & Cookies. Our PR strategy generated over 51 million earned impressions, showed an increase in purchase intent and double digit sales growth year over year.

Magnum Ice Cream Bars


Launch Magnum in Canada and rightfully establish the brand as a premium, luxury ice cream unlike any other.


We launched the first ever North American Magnum Pleasure Store in upscale Yorkville, Toronto.

  • Our strategic, earned media approach, including well-timed celebrity appearances, made the Magnum Pleasure Store the most talked about summer destination and ensured coverage continued to run throughout ice cream season.
  • Engaging notable media and aspirational influencers from various disciplines (luxury food, fashion, sports) we were able to land the luxury credentials of the brand and immediately capture our target’s attention and desire to try and buy Magnum.
  • Through a combination of an initial launch day and a series of mini events at the Magnum Pleasure Store, we were able to keep coverage and consumer conversation going all summer long, and demand for the brand. to optimize earned media opportunities.


The Magnum Pleasure Store was the most successful PR campaign for the Unilever Food portfolio in Canada, leading to: extending the store’s stay, most bars sold in one day, and daily lineups around the block.

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