Top 4 Innovations for Baby & Toddler Products in 2019

From major brands and unique artisans, to education and food, the Baby & Toddler Show brought many insight driven product innovations rolling out in market this year – that truly demonstrated how the needs of kids and parents are ever-evolving.

Launching a food product in Canada

While trendspotting at the Baby and Toddler show, the common themes among product launches for 2019 were all about customized parenting that meets both functional and emotional needs, and strong online presence.

Online presence and a seamless consumer digital journey continue to lead the way to drive impact, both in terms of generating sales and awareness as a search and discovery tool through highly customized approaches.

Whether it is on or offline, brands need to address consumer needs, the product and education journey must go beyond the product itself and connect with individuals based on specific preferences and lifestyles. It’s imperative to localize and customize marketing efforts as a general roll out model does not always work or garner success.

A few tidbits of what to expect down the baby & toddler aisle – both on and offline

Organic Baby – moving beyond food

Families have a variety of preferences when it comes to personal care. There’s huge interest in organic offerings, ranging from food to body wash—these products focus on communicating clean ingredients and environmentally friendly production.

Healthy Development in Children and Babies  

There’s been a ton of attention on new products that encourage and felicitate healthy posture for infants – from car seats, strollers to even potty seats. Not only do these products encourage better posture, they accommodate all shapes and sizes, so there’s less worry if your baby doesn’t quite fit their size according to their age.

Specialized Style

Moving on from the traditional baby and toddler onesies, there are a various clothing options that suit the needs of parents and children alike, from snap on pacifier clothing to 100% certified organic cotton swaddles.

Customized online approaches

There is a need to work with credible online voices that specifically target consumers on a personal level. A strong social presence also allows brands to generate awareness among the intended audience and measure the impact they’re making with Canadians.

Harbinger has deep experience and expertise in launching brands for babies, toddlers, kids and those who care for them. Whether it is a new product, a reinvention or a positioning, we would love to chat with you to find out how we can help.

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