Three things brands should consider when working with content creators

Now more than ever, content creators are valuable partners to forge connectivity in a socially distant reality.

By: Mary Aloia

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Let’s face it, we’ve been on a rollercoaster of events and emotions these past couple of months. As the effects of COVID-19 continue to push brands in unchartered territories, they are faced with unique barriers and opportunities across all aspects of their business. Marketers are working diligently to keep up with everyday challenges presented by this pandemic and closely monitoring for any significant updates in the media. But the challenges don’t stop there. Understanding how a brand can, and should, maintain a connection with their audiences requires work. Now more than ever, content creators come into play. They are a valuable partner to offer authentic and engaging content.

If you are working with any content creators and want to strengthen the relationships you have with them, here are a few things to consider:


It’s a tricky time to strategize a marketing plan that will genuinely connect a consumer with a brand. Some influencer campaigns have either been put on hold or completely cancelled without any notice. Making sure you are effectively communicating with your brand partners every step of the way, is imperative to strengthen your bond with them. If influencers are being flexible during this time and willing to work with you to find a common ground, then the respect should be reciprocated. Approaching with empathy and working together with your partners is a way to stay connected and relevant.

Co-create and Innovate

A strong bond between brand and influencer is integral when executing influencer programs successfully. There should always be a level of understanding and comfort when working together. This relationship will enable you both to bounce ideas off one another and trigger creative thoughts that would have never come to life otherwise. For example, VTech and LeapFrog found a relevant and solutions-oriented way to connect with their audience through influencers and that utility translated easily to their community. Content partners were able to create content, in-the-moment that was translated to recommendation and inspiration without a lot of lag time, while being so relevant for parents across the country.

When both content creators and brands are ‘part’ of the conversation you are able to find new solutions and purposeful ways to integrate products into peoples’ lives. Co-creating content allows brands to discover innovative ways to bring it forward, experiment with new platforms and increase engagement.

Personal touch

Whether we are going to be in this situation for months ahead or not, marketing efforts will go on, but will continue to evolve in approach and channel planning. Creating opportunities that not only allow your brand to share your message, but also do so with emotion and empathy is where impact and breakthrough will be realized.

Our strongest content partnerships come when we co-create messaging with our influencer partners. Finding ways to interpret brand key messages into personal stories and experiences to reflect their interests, and their community’s interests. Content creators come at it from a personal angle and add value to the brand and key audiences. Even as the path to purchase changes at a rapid rate, working with real-time creators can help keep consumers informed and within a click’s reach to your product. Influencers who are engaging with consumers on a daily basis have the ability to educate them and spread word of mouth, quickly. Leveraging these relationships is a way to connect with audiences beyond those pre-existing loyal shoppers and expand your brand’s own community.

Your relationships with your content partners and brand ambassadors matter and increase the ability to connect with your consumers on a completely new, personal level.

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