Marketing on a small budget? How to achieve results that matter…

Many of our clients over the past 30 years have come to us looking for results that drive impact and sales, but don’t always have the budget or resources to justify a solo campaign.

Marketing on a small budget

Many of our clients over the past 30 years have come to us looking for results that drive impact and sales, but don’t always have the budget or resources to justify a solo campaign.

Whether it is a new or emerging brand, or just a small brand that doesn’t get prioritized, there is an exciting opportunity to be creative and use “combined” efforts to appeal to target consumers.

Combined (or scale as we call it) marketing and public relations for us at Harbinger means to group smaller brands together and create a common theme – combining the power of many – driving maximum impact.

Instead of leading with a brand message, we consider how the “average” consumer approaches their purchases and group brands together by needs and occasions. What solutions fit their needs? How do they shop? How do they think? How do they plan?

Are they stocking up for back to school? Are they planning a series of big nights out for the holidays? Are they looking for new year’s health kick ideas and products?

When you really think about it and put yourselves in a consumer’s shoes, you realize the journey is rarely about one product, and the opportunities for grouped solutions are endless!

Harbinger has a long history of creating scale programs that stick. Here are a few examples:

  • To jump on the Film Fest frenzy in Toronto we created a lounge where media and influencers could fuel up with some amazing snacks and drinks (and learn about their innovations) while getting pampered with a pedicure (using a new pedi tool) and get fully glammed with several hair, make-up and skincare brands. Each brand achieved buzz, influencer content and amazing media coverage.
  • For new parents, the list of things to buy is never-ending and the options overwhelming. To make it easy for them and impactful for a few of our clients, we created a series of advertorial style content pieces that included top baby picks for any shower list including car seats, infant toys and baby personal care essentials, all grouped together.
  • Beauty and Grooming is a massive industry and one where consumers are often needs-focused vs shopping with a brand name in mind. They are looking for great hair, smooth skin, the list goes on. With many brands in this space under one company, we created impactful media events and annual programs that reached the influencers that mattered and told each brand story in a “one stop shop.”
  • Food is one of the best categories to “scale” together. We have created several programs to feed every occasion and need. Back to school lunch bags; holiday baking; entertaining all for all types of diets and more.

If you think you want to do some marketing but aren’t quite sure how to make a real impact, call us and we can brainstorm together.

Harbinger is a Toronto-based North American marketing agency with expertise in product launches. We help brands get noticed and purchased.


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