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It’s Time to One-up the Event Game

An event is a substantial investment in time and money, but done right can provide an invaluable brand experience and justified return on investment. The key is keeping focus on impact and efficacy of every touch point.

By: Rebecca Raveendran

Marketing on a small budget

We get it – breaking through the clutter is not easy. The term “buzzworthy” is losing its significance and exciting your audience is tough work. Reporters have inboxes filled with event requests and story pitches; there is a slim chance your email is getting a second glance unless there is something unique in there that no other brand can provide.

A lot of the time  as communicators, our mind automatically wants to create an experience for our audience. It’s the most valuable outcome a consumer can receive, especially when your goal is to create long-lasting impact that will cross their mind at the right moments… …like when they’re craving an indulgent treat or online shopping for their kid’s next birthday gift.

To that point, what better way to make memories than host an event. Before we do, let’s take a pause and keep a few things in mind before jumping the gun. An event is a substantial investment in time and money. Be confident in your decision, confirm your audience will be receptive to an event, ensure the time is right for your brand, know what your “wow” factor is and make an experience that cannot be recreated.

If all those boxes can be ticked off your list, an event is looking like the right choice. However, the trickiest obstacle still remains. How is your event going to be memorable? One word –customize.

Brand launches are taking place almost every week. It’s gotten to a point where guests are arriving at your event straight from another one and may even be making their way to the next right after. We need to maximize results from our efforts by standing out from the bunch. We need to provide an experience to each and every guest that they will be remember beyond event day. We need to customize.

Below are three elements to consider for your event to take it up a notch.

Personalized Invites
Depending on the scale of your event, you may be inviting upwards of 100 people. Although your target audience may be large in size, each guest is taking time out of their day to attend.
Let each one know why they were chosen to be added to the invite list and show them how your product or service relates to them.

With the increasing buzz around plant-based eating, Gardein ensured their guests included not just vegan and vegetarian friendlies but opened the door to everyone else – the flexitarians. Invitations included details on how Gardein could be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle, and the event showed you just how.

“Insta” Worthy Elements
In a world where real-time sharing is the norm, you want to provide your guests with experiences within the experience. Guests not only want to share what they are up to with their friends/families/followers while attending, they also love creating memories to look back at beyond event day.

Similar to how Halo Top invited fans across the country to spend a night in their decked-out airstream enjoying their recently launched Halo Top Bars, perfect for on-the-go. Now, that’s a night to remember.

The Story Behind the Brand
Events are hosted with many different purposes in mind. Some are promoting a new product launch while others are driving awareness for an unfamiliar service. Regardless of the main hook, there is always a brand behind closed doors, and that’s where the true story lies. We want to educate guests (and their audience) on why they would want to buy into that particular brand, concurrently purchase that product or service. Shining light on your brand story at the event is fundamental to the experience and often a missed opportunity.

Launch events continue to be a very effective approach to create impactful brand exposure. If you know your audience and are able create a customizable and meaningful experience for each of your guests, your event is set up for success.

What’s important to keep in mind is, events are just the beginning. Capitalize on the experience created for your guests by continuing those conversations beyond event day. Your audience is an extension of your brand, use your event as a platform to show them you care.

Interested to host a launch event but aren’t sure if it’s the right move? Let’s chat!

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