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Health and wellness products are top of mind with Canadian consumers

As we continue to navigate the second year of the pandemic, most Canadians continue to prioritize their health and wellness needs.

According to Deloitte’s state of the consumer tracker, nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers surveyed say that in the past year, they’ve grown more interested in how their diets affect their overall health and immunity, and this is demonstrated in the products they choose when shopping for food.

Products that topped the list of household food purchases included those that were locally sourced (43%), had recognizable ingredients (33%), were natural or organic (31%), and offered sugar-reduced versions (35%) – the latter particularly among men, as well as consumers in general aged 55 and older. Overall, women and younger consumers (aged 18-34) are most likely to seek out healthier foods, including natural, organic, vegetarian, and vegan products; plant-based proteins as meat alternatives; and dairy/lactose, and gluten-free products.

With more and more consumers seeking healthier options, any company launching a new product or brand needs to ensure they are optimizing their opportunity to communicate with the consumer by reaching them where they are looking for new products. Our job as a PR agency is to provide strategic and actionable insight to help our clients align their products with credible voices. To help educate consumers, we develop programs using the right channels and messaging to create optimal brand awareness.

We continue to explore consumer insights and trends to ensure we are always a few steps ahead and can anticipate the needs of our clients.

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