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Celebrating brands that celebrate Canadians and localize for their needs.

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As we celebrate Canada’s 153rd birthday on July 1, we recognize that this year’s celebration will likely be very different than previous ones. While we are together in spirit, most of us will be socially distancing from friends, neighbours and our fellow Canadians, as we celebrate this very special day.

On this occasion, since Harbinger’s expertise is rooted in launching brands in Canada and understanding the Canadian consumer, we thought you might like to know what this might mean, if you are planning to launch a brand or product here.

We work with so many amazing brands! Some of these are homegrown Canadian brands with a strong history and heritage in Canada. Others are the proud Canadian division of a North American or global company. Still others, are brands that have recognized that Canadians have their own unique culture and deserve their own unique products.

Consider Dare Foods, a family-owned and trusted Canadian brand that has been in business for almost as many years as our country is old. Yet, they continue to evolve their portfolio of made-better products to deliver on the needs and behaviors of Canadians and appeal to new users along the way. All the while, continuing to champion Canadian made and finding unique ways to connect with different audiences.

Two other brands that deserve a shout-out this Canada Day are Simply Good Foods Canada and Dole Foods of Canada, since both of these brands recently jumped in and supported our local hospitals and other front-line workers by providing nutritious protein bars and fruit cups during the early stages of the pandemic. Both brands understanding the importance of helping Canadians in their communities.

Not pretending to be local, but rather listening and customizing its products for global fans, Halo Top, a California-born brand, has always prided itself on delivering on fan demand and localizing to meet their needs. For example, this month Halo Top announced the first ever exclusively Canadian pint collection – tipping their hat to uniquely Canadian flavours, with a very Halo Top twist and giving this market something all its own.

So, while we may be celebrating Canada Day wearing our red and white masks this year, we truly value our partnerships with our clients who celebrate Canadians, more than ever before!

Harbinger is a Toronto-based North American marketing agency with expertise in product launches. We help brands get noticed and purchased.


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