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We Spent 72 Hours on Clubhouse and Here is What We Learned

We spent 3 days investigating the new invite-only audio-chat platform and here is what we discovered.

You have probably heard of Clubhouse by now, the invite-based social media platform where users can join chats on various subjects. The format is dependent on the topic and host but can vary from live podcast-style conversations, to panel discussions, to networking sessions. While the platform is new and still establishing its relevancy, there are some interesting opportunities for individuals, agencies and brands to participate in and reach users. Here are our top takeaways:

The Inside Scoop on Invites

The app is invite-based, meaning you need to receive an invite from an existing member to be able to join. Once you are a member you are granted two invites which you can give to others. You can earn more invites the more you participate. After just over a week and a few attended sessions we had three additional invites to distribute.

The Experience

When you log into the app you will be placed in what is called the ‘Hallway’, the Hallway is where you can browse upcoming events. To tailor the Hallway to topic areas that interest you, you should follow individuals and groups producing content that appeals to you. As part of your start-up you will also be prompted to select topic areas you would like to know more about. There is a ton of opportunity to explore! Do you want to learn more about the future of food and how food tourism will impact what we eat, how to navigate the stock market or even connect with other movie buffs on the best new flicks? There is a club for you!

Your Profile

When people are scrolling through following lists a few key details will pop up, so you will want to highlight a brief synopsis about yourself, i.e. innovative marketer with a passion for plant-based products. This will help you to attract followers interested in the type of content you are producing as a host. It will also indicate the type of clubs you may be interested in joining, so your connections can join them too. To further build a persona you can also connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts, however those are the only two platforms currently available for synching.

The Opportunity for Brands

The landscape right now is very much in the spirit of experimenting and open discussions. Hosts of sessions are looking for honest feedback, fostering conversations and encouraging participation in their sessions. Because the platform is purely audio-based, the content being served truly does need to be either a buzz-worthy topic area or something that individuals with an interest in that subject matter would tune into. Brands entering the space have the chance to connect with consumers where they are seeking out interactive experiences, thought leadership and connection. Where platforms like Instagram and Pinterest allow for succinct messaging and promotion through visual mediums that inspire consideration or drive to an action, the potential on Clubhouse is through direct dialogue. Brands have the opportunity to utilize their experts, spokespeople and team to provide value add content for consumers in an approachable forum where they can connect directly and get real time insights from attendees.

The Downside

Because of the audio only format, there is potential for conversations to be trolled or have sessions sidelined by individuals being disruptive or discriminatory, the app has already faced some scrutiny on this topic. The good news – the moderator, who controls how the conversation has the right to block, report and mute speakers and listeners. They basically make sure that the conversation that goes on is according to the rules of the app. Moderators can use the Clubhouse mute button to mute speakers and listeners. They also have the right to block or remove people from a room if they think they are being abusive.

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