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The ever-changing media environment, as told by Harbinger panelists

It’s clear that the traditional media landscape today is changing dramatically and at a rapid pace: consolidation of media outlets, termination of community and daily newspapers, staff shortages, high demand to break through the clutter and reach the masses through earned approaches – all with the speculation that Print. Is. Dying!

More than a pretty face – Personal Care launches that succeed

Every product in this cluttered category is launched by marketers with a promise for a “better version of ourselves” for the consumer. With so many selling points and daily innovation, messages become jumbled and turn into noise as it reaches your prospective audience – making it a challenge to break through.

Why your brand launch needs an earned media plan

Whenever you see a brand name in a news article, do you ever wonder how that brand got mentioned? Chances are an earned media specialist has contacted the journalist and recommended a newsworthy way to include the brand in the journalist’s story.

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